Why This Blog

Life of the Operating System in my computer is few months. I usually reinstall same OS or newer version once in a while. Configuring applications after this is a big task. Gnu applications knowledge base is spread across the net. I was thinking of keeping all my application configurations at one place available to me all time from anywhere. Blog was the answer for that. It was successful.

I had small mailing list of my friends. There I sent interesting news and articles that I read from net. After setting up blog, I started to sharing these articles and all information that I got from reading and other means. Internet is the best medium for keeping and sharing information.

Also I started to translate these information to my local language known as Malayalam.

Only a few articles are written by me. Most of the articles are copied from internet, magazines, books, documentaries etc. I uses the same words as the original authors. So that there will not be any loss of information. Sometimes I make it small, for readability.

Some of these documents are few months old. Some may not be relevant to your community. Even though there are a lot of things that we can learn from the issue. Once an incident happens it comes as history. We must learn history. That will increase breadth and depth of our knowledge. That will help us to take right decision. When publishing it fresh again, people get one more change to read that doc. I keep the article minimum one month and then publishes.

I believe that those authors should be heard all over the planet. They may right or wrong. You have to choose that based on your intelligence. But we should listen to them and analyze those information and take the right ones, discard the wrong ones. Based on that do a small change in our life, if possible. That will be helpful for future generation. When we combine all the small changes it will become a big change.

By doing this I don’t think that I am trying to change the world. I just want to express my dissent on the ideas broadcasted in this world. But in this age of privatization of everything they may say I am infringing copy right law. I reject that. I believe in Copyleft.


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