Bill O’Reilly Settled $32 Million Sexual Harassment Claim

former Fox News host Bill O’Reilly secretly settled a sexual harassment claim for $32 million in January—the sixth and by far the largest such settlement during O’Reilly’s tenure at Fox. Despite the settlement, Fox News renewed O’Reilly’s contract in February, agreeing to pay him $25 million a year before mounting scandals finally forced him from [...]


Fighting violence against women in Cameroon

On Wednesday 27 September 2017 in Yaoundé, female residents of SOCAPALM (Société Camerounaise de Palmeraies or Cameroon society of palm plantations) united before the press to expose the human rights violations they are subjected to on a daily basis and condemn the French company’s failure to respect its contractual obligations, sexual assaults by male security [...]

Native American women have the highest rate of poverty

According to the American Association of University Women, AAUW, Native American women are discriminated based on gender and race, which increases the already staggering pay gap between men and women. "American Indian and Alaska Native women are paid just 57 cents for every dollar white men are paid. For Native Hawaiian and other Pacific Islander [...]

Google ‘segregates’ women into lower-paying jobs

Google systematically pays women less than men doing similar work, according to a class action-lawsuit accusing the technology company of denying promotions and career opportunities to qualified women who are “segregated” into lower-paying jobs. The complaint, filed Thursday on behalf of all women employed by Google in California over the last four years, provided the [...]