The cost of water

Something to think about next time you get your water bill. Here’s how our water prices compare to those in developing countries: That’s not the cost people are paying every day, but the cost for 50 litres, which is what the World Health Organisation considers an adequate level of consumption for health and hygiene. It’s [...]


As global groundwater disappears, rice, wheat and other international crops may start to vanish

We already know that humans are depleting vital groundwater resources across the globe. But a new study shows one of the biggest causes of disappearing groundwater is the international food trade. About 70 percent of freshwater around the globe goes toward irrigation. Researchers from the University College London and NASA’s Goddard Institute of Space Studies [...]

How a private water company brought lead to Pittsburgh’s taps

In the summer of 2015, Metropolis Magazine named Pittsburgh one of the world’s “most livable” cities and gushed about its infrastructure, “The city has more vertical feet of public stairways than San Francisco, Cincinnati, and Portland, Oregon, combined.” But the magazine hadn’t done its research. Around the same time, the city’s water utility was laying [...]

Climate change key suspect in the case of India’s vanishing groundwater

In three short months during monsoon season, India historically receives 75 percent of their annual precipitation. Imagine awaiting this promised, bountiful rainfall and receiving 14 percent less than average. This is what happened in 2015 – and it compounded decades of drought. India is suffering a water scarcity crisis but, until recently, most people believed [...]