Trump Tears Down LBJ’s Great Society

Roughly two years ago, Donald Trump descended his gold-plated escalator in Trump Tower and declared that he (and he alone) would Make America Great Again. Throughout the course of his campaign and extending into his presidency, Trump has promised to undo all of the ills of the Obama era, kick out “illegals” (all of whom [...]


Bulgarian agriculture in the road towards a new “feudalization”

In the beginning of 20th century Bulgaria was among those countries in Europe that had the highest number of parceled out land with hundreds of thousands of small land owners toiling at their land at the brink of survival. After 1944, Bulgarian agriculture underwent the typical for Eastern Europe model of collectivization and centralization. The [...]

White Supremacist Attack in Charlottesville

the terror in Charlottesville, a so-called Unite the Right white nationalist rally that took place in Charlottesville this weekend, that erupted into violence, resulting in three deaths. Thousands of white nationalists descended on Charlottesville to participate in the rally on Friday night and Saturday and oppose a plan to remove a statue of Confederate General [...]

Charlottesville Was Not a “Protest Turned Violent,” It Was a Planned Race Riot

In July of last year, after The New York post ran the headline, “CIVIL WAR: Four cops killed at anti-police protest,” I wrote the column “How We Report on Structural Racism Can Hurt Us—Or Heal Us.” I could have easily written the same article today. That column recalled the Kerner Report, the findings of President [...]

Gulf Government Gave Secret $20 Million Gift To D.C. Think Tank

The United Arab Emirates is on pace to contribute $20 million over the course of 2016 and 2017 to the Middle East Institute, one of Washington’s leading think tanks, according to a document obtained by The Intercept. The outsized contribution, which the UAE hoped to conceal, would allow the institute, according to the agreement, to [...]

How American Libertarians Are Remaking Latin American Politics

For Alejandro Chafuen, the gathering this spring at the Brick Hotel in Buenos Aires was as much a homecoming as it was a victory lap. Chafuen, a lanky Argentine-American, had spent his adult life working to undermine left-wing social movements and governments in South and Central America, and boost a business-friendly version of libertarianism instead. [...]

U.S. Libertarian Think Tank Is Remaking Latin American Politics

A libertarian think tank called the Atlas Network is remaking Latin American politics with the help of powerful conservative institutions and funders in the United States, some of whom you may recognize, like the Koch brothers. the Atlas Network is behind dozens of prominent groups that have supported right-wing forces in the antigovernment movement in [...]