Mexico Spied on Human Rights Investigators

Mexico, where a new report by the Citizen Lab has revealed the Mexican government used Israeli-made spy software to surveil a team of international investigators who had dispatched to Mexico to investigate the high-profile disappearance of 43 students at the Ayotzinapa teachers’ college in Guerrero in 2014. The targeted individuals included some of Latin America’s [...]


Indigenous Achuar Seize Control of 50 Oil Wells to Protest Drilling in Amazon

In Peru, members of indigenous Achuar communities say they have seized control of at least 50 oil wells operated by the Canadian company Frontera Energy Corp. in the Amazon. They say they took over the wells, as well as an electric plant and oil tanks, to protest the Peruvian government’s failure to consult them about [...]

U.S. citizens must know what their government is doing with the tax dollars

Jennifer Harbury talking: when my husband was captured alive by the Guatemalan Army the CIA notified the White House the State Department and numerous other U.S. agencies six days after his capture in 1992 saying what an amazing prisoner. He's very important. He probably has a great deal of very important information and the army [...]

Venezuela’s Maduro says will shun U.S. dollar in favor of yuan, others

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said on Thursday his cash-strapped country would seek to “free” itself from the U.S. dollar next week, using the weakest of two official foreign exchange regimes and a basket of currencies. At the strongest official rate, one dollar buys just 10 bolivars, but on the black market the dollar fetches 20,193 [...]

Bolivia Lost $10 Billion During ‘Neoliberal Privatization’ Era

Bolivia lost at least US $10 billion during the era of “neoliberal privatization” policies between 1985 and 2005, President Evo Morales has revealed. An ongoing investigation by the Plurinational Legislative Assembly, ALP, has discovered the extent of the economic damage, which Morales denounced. A special commission within the parliamentary investigation accuses former President Gonzalo Sanchez [...]

Manuel Noriega: feared dictator was the man who knew too much

The atmosphere outside Gen Manuel Noriega’s battered, bullet-scarred comandancia, headquarters of the Panamanian Defence Forces, one early morning in October 1989, bordered on frenetic. Beyond the railings a woman sobbed with grief. Her husband, an officer involved in the previous night’s failed coup attempt against Noriega, was missing. It later transpired he and dozens of [...]

How the 1989 War on Manuel Noriega’s Panama Super-Charged US Militarism

Manuel Noriega is dead at 83. He seems like a sad footnote to the last disastrous quarter century, but the December 1989 US invasion of Panama really was a permission slip for Washington—led by both Republicans and Democrats—to waste whatever potential benefits the end of the Cold War might have brought. Remember the “peace dividend”? [...]

Why did Ecuador terminate all its Bilateral investment treaties?

On 16 May, Ecuador became the fifth country to terminate all its Bilateral investment treaties (BIT). Why did it make this decision? TNI researcher Cecilia Olivet, and president of the Ecuadorian Citizens Commission that audited the country’s investment protection treaties, shares her insider perspective. How did the Ecuador investment treaties audit commission (CAITISA) come about? [...]