Government hospitals on sale!

How do governments push for privatisation of public property? The theory goes that first they neglect and starve the system of funds. When failing services spoil public perception, they accuse the institution of not working properly. The solution they suggest is to give the institution to private players. Here is a classic example of this [...]


Unpredictable weather, unreliable insurance, unbelievable profit to companies

Oficially, the monsoon covered the entire country by July 19. The rain, in fact, was above normal. But it was not of much help to the farmers of Anandgaon, a drought-stricken village in Maharashtra’s Beed district, who had, on July 14, filed an FIR against the India Meteorological Department (IMD), blaming the country’s premier weather [...]

Indian official reportedly dismisses fraud allegations against Adani Group

An Indian customs official has reportedly dismissed allegations that the Adani Group illegally siphoned nearly 15bn rupees (£176m) into overseas tax havens. It is the third set of siphoning allegations against the Adani Group and key figures in the Adani family to be dismissed by the official, KVS Singh, in recent months. The Indian mining [...]

Switch off your mobiles at 11 am on 11/11

Join #NoAadhaar#NoMobile #SwitchOff #AadhaarFree November Earlier this year, the government ordered us to link our mobile connections to our Aadhaar numbers or have our mobile connections cut off. NO hesitation in jumping the gun even as the legal challenge to Aadhaar comes up for hearing in the Supreme Court! NO qualms against violating our Constitutional [...]