If you criticize policy, you are anti-American. That only happens in dictatorships

RT: There are 10 principles of concentration of wealth and power that you laid out in the book “Requiem for the American dream,” which was based on a documentary that you did. The first one you’re talking about is “reducing democracy.” What do you mean by that? Noam Chomsky: I should first comment that the [...]


Mass Protests Oppose President Duterte’s Authoritarianism

In the Philippines, tens of thousands of protesters rallied in cities across the country Thursday, warning that President Rodrigo Duterte was on the brink of imposing a dictatorship. The mass protests came on the 45th anniversary of nationwide military rule imposed by former dictator Ferdinand Marcos. Organizers pledged that future anti-Duterte rallies will be even [...]

U.S. citizens must know what their government is doing with the tax dollars

Jennifer Harbury talking: when my husband was captured alive by the Guatemalan Army the CIA notified the White House the State Department and numerous other U.S. agencies six days after his capture in 1992 saying what an amazing prisoner. He's very important. He probably has a great deal of very important information and the army [...]

24 Ex-Agents of Pinochet Dictatorship Convicted in Chile

Another 24 former agents of Augusto Pinochet's dictatorship have been sentenced by the Court of Appeal of Santiago in Chile after being proven guilty in two criminal cases. Convictions against participants in Operation Colombo, an intelligence operation intended to cover up Pinochet's crimes, were based on the disappearance of an opponent and the kidnapping and [...]

Manuel Noriega: feared dictator was the man who knew too much

The atmosphere outside Gen Manuel Noriega’s battered, bullet-scarred comandancia, headquarters of the Panamanian Defence Forces, one early morning in October 1989, bordered on frenetic. Beyond the railings a woman sobbed with grief. Her husband, an officer involved in the previous night’s failed coup attempt against Noriega, was missing. It later transpired he and dozens of [...]

How the 1989 War on Manuel Noriega’s Panama Super-Charged US Militarism

Manuel Noriega is dead at 83. He seems like a sad footnote to the last disastrous quarter century, but the December 1989 US invasion of Panama really was a permission slip for Washington—led by both Republicans and Democrats—to waste whatever potential benefits the end of the Cold War might have brought. Remember the “peace dividend”? [...]

Is Turkey Becoming a Dictatorship?

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has claimed victory in Sunday’s referendum over whether to give sweeping powers to the president, but Turkey’s main opposition party is calling for the the referendum results to be tossed out, citing irregularities. According to unofficial results, just 51 percent of voters approved the sweeping change. Turkey’s three largest cities—Istanbul, [...]

El Salvador Judge Reopens Case of Slain Archbishop Romero

A judge in El Salvador on Thursday reopened the nearly four-decade-old case of murdered Archbishop Oscar Romero, an icon of the Roman Catholic Church in Latin America, and asked that prosecutors seek criminal charges against the main suspect. Romero, then archbishop of San Salvador, was shot dead in 1980 by a right-wing death squad as [...]