Bill O’Reilly Settled $32 Million Sexual Harassment Claim

former Fox News host Bill O’Reilly secretly settled a sexual harassment claim for $32 million in January—the sixth and by far the largest such settlement during O’Reilly’s tenure at Fox. Despite the settlement, Fox News renewed O’Reilly’s contract in February, agreeing to pay him $25 million a year before mounting scandals finally forced him from [...]


Responsibility Gap in Corporate Crime

Corporations commit crimes – corporate crimes – that inflict harm on society. The corporations commit those crimes as a result of conditions within the corporations that are created by senior management. Those managers bear serious moral responsibility for the fraud, deaths, cheating that results – for the corporate crime. The managers are richly rewarded for [...]

Facebook Fined $122 Million for Misleading EU Over WhatsApp

Facebook Inc. was fined 110 million euros ($122 million) by the European Union for misleading regulators during a 2014 review of the WhatsApp messaging-service takeover. The European Commission won’t overturn approval for the $22 billion WhatsApp purchase as “the incorrect or misleading information provided by Facebook did not have an impact on the outcome of [...]

Government Settlement With Goldman Sachs Is No Real Punishment

the U.S. Department of Justice, including the attorneys general of New York and Illinois, as well as the Federal Home Loan Banks of Chicago and Seattle and the National Credit Union Administration, reached agreement with the investment bank Goldman Sachs. The firm will pay approximately $5 billion to resolve state and federal investigations into its [...]

Fox’s Julie Roginsky Sues Former Chair Roger Ailes for Sexual Harassment

Fox News continues to be rocked by accusations of sexual harassment. On Monday, Fox News contributor Julie Roginsky sued former Fox Chair Roger Ailes for repeatedly sexually harassing her and then retaliating against her professionally after she rejected his unwanted advances. In the suit, Roginsky says Fox also pressured her to publicly support Ailes after [...]

Dr. Wendy Walsh Accuses Fox’s Bill O’Reilly of Sexual Harassment

television commentator Dr. Wendy Walsh came forward to accuse Fox News star Bill O’Reilly of sexually harassing her and then retaliating against her professionally when she rejected him. Her testimony comes after The New York Times revealed Saturday that Fox News and O’Reilly have paid out $13 million to five other women who have accused [...]