Kiera Wilmot, 16, Arrested And Expelled For Explosive ‘Science Experiment’

What Kiera Wilmot claims started as a harmless experiment is now a nightmare for the 16-year-old Florida native. Wilmot, a Bartow High School student, was arrested at her school last week for allegedly detonating a water bottle filled with an explosive concoction of common household chemicals. According to the Miami New Times, “[A] police report … indicates Wilmot mixed toilet bowl cleaner and aluminum foil — a combination that has inspired hundreds of YouTube videos and generally produces a fairly unimpressive explosion.” One teen told Florida-based WTSP News 10 that Wilmot merely wanted to see what would happen when those chemicals mixed. WTSP also reports that Wilmot has been expelled and will now finish high school in an expulsion program. According to Miami New Times, Wilmot was known as a good student.

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This is not Stalin’s Russia, or Hitler’s Germany or Stasi State. Shame on you freedom.

Pregnant Black Woman Calling for Help Killed by Police in Front of Children

A pregnant Black woman who had called the police to report an attempted burglary in her home was shot and killed by the cops that arrived on the scene Sunday morning in Seattle, Washington. Police shot at 30-year-old Charleena Lyles multiples times in front of three of her four young children. Detectives have thus far justified the shooting saying Lyles was brandishing a knife. However, critics on social media are skeptical, saying that it is understandable a mother would feel protective of her children in the wake of an attempted robbery.

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why a man has to fire to control a woman. or even if he have to, he can just wound her. no need to fire to kill her. this is just a continuation of racist violence of american police.

Police Arrest, Detain Air Force Vet

Police Arrest, Detain Air Force Vet for 26 Hours After He Posted Alton Sterling Shooting Video

Chris LeDay posted online the first video of the Alton Sterling shooting that went viral. He obtained the video from a friend of a friend. He shared the video with some 10,000 followers on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Soon after the video went viral, LeDay says he was detained at his job at the Dobbins Air Reserve Base. Police then led him from his job in shackles, held him for 26 hours. He was released after paying $1,200 in traffic fines. Chris LeDay now feels his job is in jeopardy. He’s joining us in Atlanta.

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He Filmed Alton Sterling Shooting

what has happened to the individuals who filmed and distributed the shocking videos of Alton Sterling’s death. The videos show a Baton Rouge police officer pinning Sterling to the ground outside a convenience store, then pointing a gun at his chest and opening fire. One of the videos was filmed by Abdullah Muflahi, the owner of the Triple S convenience store where Sterling died. He recorded it on his cellphone. Muflahi has filed a lawsuit against the city of Baton Rouge, the Baton Rouge Police Department and four of its officers. The lawsuit alleges the police took his phone, locked him for hours in a police car and seized his security camera footage without a warrant. The lawsuit also contends Muflahi was prevented from making a phone call to his family or an attorney. He is seeking damages for false imprisonment and the illegal taking of his property, as well as for release of his store’s security camera footage.

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Students Sue, Claiming Police Groped 900 of Them in Drug Search

In Sylvester, Georgia, 9 high school students have filed a federal civil rights lawsuit, alleging they were among 900 students who were groped after the local sheriff ordered school-wide pat-down searches. The students say that on April 14, sheriff’s deputies searched hundreds of students for drugs, with some officers groping students’ breasts and genitalia. In an interview with local media, Worth County Sheriff Jeff Hobby said he believed the searches were legal because school administrators were present. Officers did not have warrants, and the pat-downs did not yield any illegal drugs.

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