The 1967 Obsession, Trump and Trivia

I arrived in Jerusalem last night and as always during the weeks between mid-May and mid-June the media is full of romanticized memories. Within these weeks are the two most siginicfant dates in modern Palestinian history: May 1948 when Palestine was conquered and renamed Israel, and June, 1967 when the Israeli army completed the conquest [...]


Israeli Forces Demolish Palestinian Classrooms day Before new School Year Began

Just one day before the new school semester began, Israeli authorities destroyed the classrooms of dozens of Palestinian children in the village of Jub-Ad-Dhib in the occupied West Bank. Some eighty children between the ages of five and ten were forced to attend classes in tents under the hot sun, after the steel cabins used [...]

When will the Israeli Left accept the occupation started in ’48, not ’67?

One of the negative characteristics of the Israeli “Left” is how it terms the military rule over the West Bank and Gaza “The Occupation.” Part of the Left even accuses Palestinians who claim there is no difference between Petah Tikva and Ariel of being like the Right, because “that’s what the Israeli Right claims.” For [...]

Thousands Protest Corruption Amid Netanyahu Bribery Investigation

In Israel, thousands of protesters rallied outside the home of the Israeli attorney general to protest against corruption and President Benjamin Netanyahu, who is facing a criminal investigation into allegations of bribery, fraud and breach of trust. Netanyahu has been accused of trading political favors for $130,000 worth of luxury gifts, including cigars and champagne. [...]

Israel demolishes Arab village for the 116th time

Israeli bulldozers destroyed the village of Al-Araqeeb for the 116th time this morning. According to local sources in the Negev, some Israeli occupation forces secured the full protection of Israeli bulldozers during the demolition, which destroyed the huts in the village. Al-Araqeeb is a Palestinian village situated in the Negev region and has existed before [...]

Israel’s Six-Day War Started With a Lie Top photo: Israeli soldiers search Jordanian prisoners during mopping up operations in the old city of Jerusalem on June 8, 1967, as the city came under Jewish control during the Six-Day War. Fifty years ago, between June 5 and June 10, 1967, Israel invaded and occupied East Jerusalem, the West Bank, the Gaza Strip, [...]