No, Tech Firms Are Not Huge Job Creators

You have to look at jobs as a percent of the entire labor force. When you do that, sample set of companies looks like 20 years after their founding: Modern tech companies are all at the bottom. The only exception is Amazon, and it's arguable just how much Amazon is really a tech company anyway. [...]


Solar jobs are booming

The number of people employed by the solar power industry in the U.S. surged 25 percent last year, to 260,000 workers, according to a count by the Solar Foundation, a pro-industry group. Twenty-five percent is huge. For comparison, the rest of the economy added jobs at a rate of 1.45 percent. The Solar Foundation predicts [...]

Keystone XL will provide 35 full-time jobs

Trump said Keystone XL would create jobs for 28,000 American workers. But that number is not even a number that comes from TransCanada’s applications or from the State Department’s exhaustive, multi-year study of the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline. What are the numbers? 35 full-time, permanent staff (and up to 15 temporary contractors) 3,900 “person [...]

In U.S., there are twice as many solar workers as coal miners

SolarCity, the largest installer of residential solar systems in the U.S., nearly doubled its workforce last year, hiring 4,000 people to do everything from system design and site surveys to installation and engineering. The hiring spree at SolarCity isn’t slowing; it’s picking up speed as the company attempts to install twice as many rooftop solar [...]

There are more jobs in renewable energy than in oil, gas, and coal combined

Worldwide, employment in green energy grew 5 percent in 2015, to 8.1 million jobs, while the slump in oil prices that began in the fall of 2015 eliminated an estimated 350,000 oil jobs across the planet. Around the world, the solar industry was the largest renewable energy employer — jobs increased 11 percent between 2014 [...]