Food industry is cooking the planet

The food industry and big agricultural concerns are driving climate change and at the same time threatening to undermine efforts to feed the world’s growing population, according to GRAIN, an organisation that supports small farmers. Particularly singled out for criticism are the large chemical fertiliser producers that have gained access to the United Nations talks [...]


Syria is joining the Paris Agreement, leaving the U.S. alone in rejecting it

During the COP23 climate conference in Bonn, Germany, delegates from Syria’s government announced it will sign the Paris climate accord. That leaves the United States as the only nation on earth to refuse climate action. President Trump announced in June that the U.S. would leave the agreement as soon as it is legally allowed to [...]

Trump’s Suppression of Climate Science

Is the Trump administration trying to silence government scientists from working or talking about climate change? That’s a growing concern in Washington. On Monday, The Guardian reported staff at the U.S. Department of Agriculture have been instructed to avoid using the term "climate change" in their work. Meanwhile, The New York Times has published a [...]

Your Personal Consumption Choices Can’t Save the Planet

New York Magazine’s latest 7,000-word cover story about climate change freaked a lot of people out. Like the reality of climate change itself, the story is depressing. Author David Wallace-Wells—collating several academic papers and interviews with climate scientists—meticulously lays out the possibility of melting ice caps releasing literal plagues, our air becoming unbreathable and geopolitics [...]

Stopping climate change may be harder than scientists thought

As nations attempt to hedge against the worst effects of global warming by scaling back their carbon emissions, a new study is questioning the accuracy of a pivotal “pre-industrial” measurement used as a baseline in pursuit of this goal. As signatories of the 2016 Paris Agreement, 196 nations pledged to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions [...]