Colonialism’s new clothes

Since 2002, African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) countries have negotiated a reciprocal free trade agreement known as the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) with the European Union (EU). While it was marketed as the magic bullet towards the ACP countries’ industrialisation and development, it is in fact an unfair agreement that is anchored in a colonial [...]


Communities lose their land and water sources due to OLAM’s agribusiness in Gabon

“In these supposedly win-win contracts, I would like to know what our communities are gaining. On the contrary, we are losing and even dying a slow death.” With this cry of despair, Célestine Ndong (1) describes the bitter situation in Mouilla, Gabon, where the GRAINE [“seed” in French] program has been underway for several years. [...]

Glencore Congo Deals Are Part of Latest Offshore Data Leak

Glencore Plc could face renewed scrutiny of its business in the Democratic Republic of Congo after confidential information was released in the data breach of a major offshore law firm, according to people familiar with the matter. The documents relate to Glencore’s acquisition of Katanga Mining Ltd., which runs copper and cobalt mines in Congo, [...]

Pentagon Denies Knowledge of Cameroon Base Abuses — Despite Being Aware of Reports of Torture

“To date, U.S. Africa Command has not received any reports of human rights abuses by Cameroonian forces at either of these locations.” This was the boilerplate reply to media outlets from Robyn Mack, a spokesperson for U.S. Africa Command, the umbrella organization for U.S. military activities on the continent. Mack was responding to revelations, detailed [...]

How the Democratic Republic of Congo’s booming mining exports are failing to benefit its people

More than $750 million of mining revenues paid by companies to state bodies in the Democratic Republic of Congo was lost to the treasury between 2013 and 2015. Instead, the money disappeared into a dysfunctional state-owned mining company and opaque national tax agencies. There is no clarity on what this money was spent on or [...]

Fighting violence against women in Cameroon

On Wednesday 27 September 2017 in Yaoundé, female residents of SOCAPALM (Société Camerounaise de Palmeraies or Cameroon society of palm plantations) united before the press to expose the human rights violations they are subjected to on a daily basis and condemn the French company’s failure to respect its contractual obligations, sexual assaults by male security [...]

Why Did the US Want to Kill Patrice Lumumba?

Columbia University and the Elimination of Patrice Lumumba Former Prime Minister of the Democratic Republic of the Congo Patrice Lumumba (Source: Bob Feldman 68) “…I have learned much about William A.M. Burden II from Peggy and I…I was best acquainted with his 20-year tenure…as Chairman of the Board of the Institute for Defense Analyses [...]

Big Tobacco Plans to Expand in Africa

A stunning new investigation by The Guardian that reveals how tobacco companies have gained unprecedented influence in Washington since the Trump administration came to power. The Guardian reports politicians with deep ties to the tobacco industry now head the U.S. Health Department, the top attorney’s office and the Senate, even as tobacco use remains the [...]

Karuturi Demands Compensation From Ethiopia for Failed Land Deal

Karuturi Global Ltd., an Indian flower grower, demanded compensation from the Ethiopian government for a series of failed land deals as it prepares to exit the Horn of Africa nation. The company wrote a letter to Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn accusing the state of nationalizing its farming investments and said it should be given “adequate [...]