Hitler or UBER?

Stuck between fascism and neoliberalism, french voters are again blackmailed into voting for the lesser of two evils. While many refuse to vote, what are the other options to break the cycle?

We are millions to no longer bear this “voter for the lesser of two evils” blackmailing.

In a few days, the second round of the (french) presidential election will be held, with, for the umpteenth time, candidates whom are disconnected from our realities, and for the second time in fifteen years, the presence of the national front in the second round.

This situation was foreseeable. Successive governments, from both the right and the left, have on one side trivialized the National Front and on the other used their ideas.

The “de-demonization” of the National Front was brought about by the demonization of Muslim citizens.

The lure of gain, buzz, ratings, or simply the full adherence to racist ideas, beginning with Islamophobia, have made columnists and journalists help the National Front become approachable.

And it worked!

Ironically, this same press is already complaining that this party is expressing contempt towards them.

There are reasons to worry for May 7th (second round of the presidential election).

I have always thought that giving voting instructions is an insult to voters’ intelligence. But the aim of this video is to convince the abstentionists not to take risks and especially not to delegate to others the task of blocking the National Front.

The coming into power of Marine Le Pen will not provoke a revolution or opposition within the French State. No, it will not “blow up”. If she is here today, it is because many of the ruling elites already share her ideas.

As we have seen it for years, Islamophobia is a point of convergence from the extreme left to the far right. And it is because she has surfed on the wave Islamophobia that Marine Le Pen is not far from becoming president. Imagine the nightmare.

The extreme right-wing groups that are already preparing for civil war will have a boulevard. And don’t count on the police to be merciless with them, as they are with working class neighbourhoods or racialized people.

Yes, this same police which is phagocytosed by the extreme right and which are behaving as if their champion is already president.

If Marine Le Pen passes, she will have all the powers to make France a fascist and totalitarian country as was the case under Maréchal Petain, who is himself the spiritual father of her party.

We already know what living under the National Front looks like. It is enough to look at the cities that fallen in their hands to realize it:
Islamophobic obsession, corruption, violence, nepotism, refugee hunting, Petainist practices, guardianship of associations or intimidations, and contempt for institutions

I know, there is nothing new here

Under a socialist government we have experienced the brutality of the state of emergency, its indiscriminate violence, house searches, humiliations of families, ransacking of places of worship, arbitrary house arrests, militarization of the police, their brutality and their impunity, registration and filing of the population after having adopted the penalization of peaceful resistance movements (BDS, march against the labor law, freedom to boycott companies violating their social responsibilities, warning alert, solidarity with refugees …) , law on mass surveillance and the explosion of the prison population.

It is also under a socialist government that Muslim citizens have experienced the humiliation of their children in school, the increase of their demonization, the project of citizenship stripping or the national hysteria around the burkini.

And if a socialist government has been able to do this, imagine what it will be with a far-right president, in a country where overtly racist candidates have already won 46% of the votes in the first round.

Those who speak of abstaining from the second round or call to do so, are speaking from a position of privilege because few of them will fear for their integrity or that of their children.

As for those who give instructions for voting or abstention without sharing our daily lives, they miss an opportunity here to be silent. It’s easy to play Russian roulette with other people’s lives.

If Marine Le Pen is a political or ideological opponent for some, or a foreign problem for others … for the racialized populations to which I belong, blacks, Arabs, Muslims, Jews, Romas or Asians, she and her party represent a vital threat.

What about the other candidate?

With his neoliberal vision and his promise to turn France into a country of startup companies, which will decimate the working class and lock them into the digital proletariat, Emmanuel Macron represents a social threat.

Neither he nor Marine Le Pen represent a choice for social justice. Except that one is the heir of Milton Freedman, and the other, of Maréchal Petain. I let you guess which of the two is the immediate enemy.

But there is a third path. Your Emmanuel Macron bulletin will not be a vote of adherence but a vote of preparation for permanent defiance. It is out of the question to vote Macron and then resign and let him have it his way, but it is about voting Macron and to engage by joining associations, alongside activists, by responding to calls for mobilization and by filling the ranks demonstrations.

Our problems are structural and require a rethinking of our political regime. This fifth republic, inherited from the colonial era with its monarchical mode of operation, must be buried.

We need a new republic serving the citizens, which solves the racial question by liquidating the legacy of colonization,

A balanced organization of public authorities, a strengthened parliament, autonomous justice, transparency of the State, a demilitarized police force, social equity, taking environmental issues into account, in short, a new republic for a New world.

Once the national front disqualified from the presidential election, from the 8th of May on, civil society of which I am part, I belong will continue its struggle for social justice while others will be able to storm the national assembly by submitting their candidatures to the parliamentary elections.

Because both traditional parties will not recover from this presidential race and the renewal of the political class begins on 8 May. This is an opportunity for civil society to launch its own candidates at the local level, which at best will win, at worst will make others lose and will thus become the referees of the ballot.

After having made the (presidential) Elysée palace unattainable for the extreme right, it will be a matter of making France ungovernable for high finance and thus put an end to this neoliberal policy, in favor of a more social one.

You got it right, emancipation will be reached through politics and power struggles.

It’s on us to be up to the challenge on May 7th

— source medium.com/@yasserlouati by Yasser Louati


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