RSS, which doesn’t believe in Constitution, is in power today

Activist Teesta Setalvad termed the Narendra Modi government “more dangerous” than the Trump administration saying the RSS “is in power today” in the country and “does not believe” in the Constitution.

“We may curse the US for all we like, but look at the protests taken out in America everyday. The media, the women, the workers and all sections of the society are challenging the extremely crass president.

“But the leadership here is more dangerous. Trump doesn’t have the RSS behind him. The RSS is in power in India today. RSS is a proto-facist force and it does not believe in the Indian constitution,” Setalvad said during the launch of her book ‘Foot Soldier of The Constitution’ here today.

The journalist-turned-social-activist also pointed out the recent violence at Delhi University and several such instances across universities in the country to buttress her point.

“Look at what is happening in our universities now. Young leaders are increasingly charged with sedition. The kind of violence perpetrated against women in DU should shock all of us…but nobody is willing to come out as we all are scared,” Setalvad said.

The society is being “gripped by a stupor”, Setalvad said, adding, “This sense of fear and isolation is really in the favour of the perpetrator and we need to think about it.”

The book was originally scheduled to be launched at the Oxford Bookstore on March 6 here, but the bookstore cancelled the launch apprehending “disruption” by “external elements”.

Setalvad had called the bookstore’s move an “act of self-censorship”.

“It appears to be an act of self-censorship. There was absolutely no need for it. It is sad that such things are happening in the capital of the country. We are dealing with forces that cannot tolerate dissent of any kind, particularly political dissent,” Setalvad had told PTI.

The activist’s book chronicles her life as a journalist and later as an activist during the communal riots in Delhi in 1984, in Mumbai (1992), and Gujarat (in 2002).

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