He Filmed Alton Sterling Shooting

what has happened to the individuals who filmed and distributed the shocking videos of Alton Sterling’s death. The videos show a Baton Rouge police officer pinning Sterling to the ground outside a convenience store, then pointing a gun at his chest and opening fire. One of the videos was filmed by Abdullah Muflahi, the owner of the Triple S convenience store where Sterling died. He recorded it on his cellphone. Muflahi has filed a lawsuit against the city of Baton Rouge, the Baton Rouge Police Department and four of its officers. The lawsuit alleges the police took his phone, locked him for hours in a police car and seized his security camera footage without a warrant. The lawsuit also contends Muflahi was prevented from making a phone call to his family or an attorney. He is seeking damages for false imprisonment and the illegal taking of his property, as well as for release of his store’s security camera footage.

— source democracynow.org


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