Swiss voters soundly reject corporate tax overhaul

Swiss voters clearly rejected plans to overhaul the corporate tax system, sending the government back to the drawing board as it tries to abolish ultra-low tax rates for thousands of multinational companies without triggering a mass exodus.

Most Swiss recognized the country needs reform to avoid being blacklisted as a low-tax pariah. But new measures proposed to help companies offset the loss of their special status breaks had created deep divisions

Switzerland has been in the firing line of the European Union and OECD club of rich countries for years over the special tax status that cantons give foreign companies. Some pay virtually no tax above an effective federal tax of 7.8 percent.

Switzerland agreed with the OECD in 2014 to abolish by 2019 the special status, which has been an attractive perk for around 24,000 multinationals looking to lower their tax bills. That provision will now remain in place past the original deadline.

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