Oil Industry, in Court, Claims Ignorance about CO2

The lead attorney for U.S. manufacturers and oil and gas companies on a climate change lawsuit didn’t know the answer to a measurement fact when asked in court two weeks ago, court papers show. At a Feb. 7 hearing of Juliana, et al v. United States of America, et al — a case a group of kids, young adults and environmentalists brought in 2015 against the U.S. government — Frank Volpe said he didn’t know whether carbon dioxide levels had reached 400 parts per million, a measurement of atmospheric concentration.

Asked by Judge Thomas Coffin whether the groups he represents “acknowledge that the CO2 levels in the atmosphere are currently at 400 ppm”. Volpe did not answer that question. “Do you deny that, or do you not know?” Coffin asked. “I would say that as we said in our answer, we don’t know,” Volpe said.

Volpe is representing the American Petroleum Institute, American Fuel & Petrochemical Manufacturers and National Association of Manufacturers in the case.

— source scientificamerican.com

when we build new house, we have to get approval from government. For that you have to give plan(blueprint) of the house and other documents. Also you have to prove that no waste water, rain water, other waste not fall into neighbor’s land etc.
Same thing is true when start a business too.
But for corporates these laws dont apply. Why? If your industry dumping something there, you are responsible for that. Air belongs to all living things.


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