Nestlé Will Pay More to Pump Ontario’s Water for Bottling

Today, Nestlé pays just $3.71 per every million litres of water the company pumps out of the ground in Ontario, so that it can bottle it and then and sell it back to thirsty customers for profit.

Ontario proposes to boost water bottler fee by $500 per million litres taken

Ontario is proposing to charge water-bottling companies a little over $500 per million litres taken from the ground, amid a broader debate over the province’s stewardship of the natural resource. The Liberal government proposed increasing the fee to $503.71 following public outcry over the current charge of $3.71 per million litres. The bottled water giant has existing permits to take up to 3.6 million litres a day from its well in Aberfoyle, Ont., where it has a bottling plant, and another 1.1 million litres a day from a well in nearby Erin, Ont.

— source

But consumers have to pay 8 dollars for 12 litter. while they pays $3.71 for 1 million litter. what a shame. even at flint water crisis they sold water for profit.
Let Nestlé pay one dollar for one litter. Or boycott Nestlé


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