Siemens launches 6MW direct-drive wind turbine

Siemens Energy launched its new 6-megawatt (MW) direct-drive wind turbine at the European Offshore Wind Energy Conference in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The new SWT-6.0 will be available with rotor diameters of 120 and 154 meters and is designed for the most challenging offshore sites.

The new turbine features the Siemens direct drive design with 50% fewer parts than comparable geared wind turbines. With a towerhead mass of roughly 350 tons, the SWT-6.0 is the lightest machine in its class. This combination of robustness and low weight significantly reduces infrastructure, installation and service costs, and boosts lifetime energy output and profitability, Siemens claims.

Since installing installed the first offshore wind power plant in 1991, Siemens has successfully installed more than 700 offshore wind turbines with a combined capacity of more than 2,000 MW in European waters. In offshore wind power alone, Siemens has an order backlog of more than 1,100 offshore wind turbines with a total capacity of more than 4,000 MW.

The direct-drive wind turbine is offered with two different rotor blades. The SWT-6.0-154 features the largest rotor blade in the 6-MW class, using the new 75m B75 Quantum Blade. The SWT-6.0-120 is equipped with the proven 58m B58 rotor blade.

The entire electrical system of the new 6-MW machine—including the medium voltage system and the full converter—is now enclosed in the nacelle, which also features an integrated helicopter-hoisting platform in the rear.

The first prototype of the Siemens 6-megawatt turbine was installed in May, 2011 at Høvsøre, Denmark. Siemens is currently in the process of thoroughly testing and validating the performance of the turbine.

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