Rain of Terror

— source truthdig.com by Mr. Fish


Chain Gang

Chain Gang Sam Cooke (Hooh aah) (hooh aah) I hear somethin' sayin' (Hooh aah) (hooh aah) (Hooh aah) (hooh aah) (Well, don't you know) That's the sound of the men working on the chain ga-a-ang That's the sound of the men working on the chain gang All day long they're singin' (Hooh aah) (hooh aah) [...]

Big Tobacco Plans to Expand in Africa

A stunning new investigation by The Guardian that reveals how tobacco companies have gained unprecedented influence in Washington since the Trump administration came to power. The Guardian reports politicians with deep ties to the tobacco industry now head the U.S. Health Department, the top attorney’s office and the Senate, even as tobacco use remains the [...]

Do we have the answers?

M S Swaminathan There is a crisis in agriculture largely because the three major factors that influence its economic viability have become unfavourable to farmers. First, the cost of production is going up because of rising input costs. Second, the risks involved are increasing due to erratic monsoon and market behaviour. Third, the return from [...]